delivery technology

WaferiX® is the latest in innovative supplement technology. Our patented sublingual wafer technology features an amorphous, non-ionic, and non-crystalline wafer matrix platform that allows for rapid absorption of multiple active ingredients. Experience the convenience and efficacy of WaferiX® for yourself.

Superior Absorption

via the Sublingual Method

The sublingual route is a superior delivery method that results in higher bioavailability. It allows active ingredients to bypass the digestive system and be directly absorbed into the bloodstream through tiny blood vessels under the tongue. Entity products which incorporate WaferiX® technology are LumeniX® (glutathione), WafeRest® (melatonin), and SL-NAD+™ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).

Our revolutionary WaferiX® technology ensures that the active ingredients in our products are delivered to your body effectively and rapidly. That’s how we deliver outstanding.

Beneficial characteristics
of WaferiX®

Rapid Disintegration

Under 60 seconds, take it on the go

High Bioavailability

Bypassing the digestive G.I. tract, more predictable absorption and effect

Rapid Absorption

Feel the difference faster


Safe, convenient and accessible to all

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