The Building Block of Life

NAD+ is a molecule found in every human cell. It plays a critical role in helping cells function at their optimal levels, so that we can focus on living to the fullest everyday.

Ageing Causes
NAD+ to Decrease

Unfortunately, our natural NAD+ levels decline with age.

By Supplementing with NAD+, You May Experience

  • Improved overall energy and vitality
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Boosted immunity
  • Heightened physical performance due to improved muscle function

Pure NAD+
A Breakthrough in NAD+ Supplementation

World's First Freeze-Dried Sublingual NAD+

WaferiX® Technology

Our patented WaferiX® sublingual wafer technology delivers pure & intact NAD+ through the blood vessels under the tongue. This method is safe, effective, and allows for rapid absorption into the bloodstream.

Superior Sublingual Absorption

Rapid Disintegration

Under 60 seconds, take it on the go

Rapid Absorption

Feel the difference faster

High Bioavailability

Bypassing the digestive G.I. tract, more predictable absorption and effect


Safe, convenient and accessible to all

Comparison of SL-NAD+ versus Supplements with NAD Precursors

NAD precursors include nicotinamide riboside (NR), nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), and nicotinamide (NAM).

SL-NAD+ NAD Precursors Supplements
  • Sublingual delivery bypasses the digestive G.I. tract for maximum absorption of NAD+
  • Oral precursors are broken down in the digestive G.I. tract
Cellular Uptake
  • No reassembly required as it is already pure NAD+
  • Potential for direct uptake into cells
  • Require reassembly by cells to become NAD+
  • Not all cells are capable of reassembling precursors into NAD+ at all times

Freeze-Dried for
Purity and Freshness

NAD+ in its Purest Form

Freeze-drying involves processing of ingredients at extremely low, freezing temperatures. Our proprietary process improves the stability of the otherwise unstable NAD+ molecule.

This allows NAD+ to be preserved in its purest form in our wafers, for your convenience.

Freshness Preserved

Freeze-drying also preserves the freshness of the ingredients. We recommend that you store your wafers in the refrigerator to enjoy maximum potency.

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