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At Entity, our next generation nutraceuticals are a powerful combination of ground-breaking science and the very best extracts nature has to offer. Manufactured under stringent conditions, our pioneering health products work to increase your quality of life by delaying the development of chronic illnesses and disabilities. Entity – look forward to your best years.

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How We’re Different

Through world-leading innovation, new formulations and a breakthrough delivery system, Entity combines science and nature’s extraordinary offerings to improve the human body.

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    Backed by Science

    Entity is science based: developed by leading experts in medicine, pharmacy, drug delivery and nutrition who have researched the latest scientific findings to offer you the next generation nutraceuticals.

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    Condition Specific

    Entity delivers essential best-in-class nutraceuticals unique to your condition. We do not believe in a one-for-everything supplement. Every product is tailored to a specific need and is designed to achieve its one targeted purpose.

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    Feel the Change

    We harness the best of science and nature to promote complete cellular rejuvenation from the inside out, all so you can feel tangible improvements.

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    Patented Delivery

    Our revolutionary WaferiX® technology ensures that active ingredients in our products LumeniX®, SL-NAD+®, and WafeRest® are delivered to your body effectively and rapidly. That’s how we deliver outstanding results that no others can. Find out more here.

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    Quality Assured

    All of our products are manufactured in a TGA and cGMP compliant facility in Victoria, Australia.

What Our Customers Say…

  • “I had to say goodbye to my golf clubs several years ago due to a persistent shoulder joint ache. It got so bad that whenever I wanted to turn to the side, I couldn’t do so by just turning my head. My wife suggested that I give MetaboliX Plus a try several months ago, and I felt a slight improvement within a day of consumption. By the 3rd day, I was able to turn my head without having to twist my shoulders along. MetaboliX Plus is now part of my daily diet and I am holding on to the hope of returning to the golf course one day!”
    – Jack S, 50

  • “One night I had a heavy drinking session with my friends, shots and all. With LiviUp, I need not worry about my health and wake up the next day with zero hangover! Thanks LiviUp (second-time user)”
    – Nivia S, 27

  • “Having uneven skin tone on my face for a few years I was keen to try the LumeniX product. I have now been using LumeniX for the past six weeks without any issues. It is easy to take, tastes fine, and the wafer dissolves quickly under the tongue. I have tried several creams and oils to lighten my skin but nothing helped and often my skin was left oily or sticky.

    By using LumeniX everyday I didn’t have to bother with irritating skin products. I have not had any side effects of taking the product. However I have not seen an improvement in my skin after these six weeks. The darker pigments of my skin do not appear to have lightened. I also had the usual number breakouts over the trial period too, but this is not an issue for me. I was mainly interested in seeing how it may improve my skin pigment. I would be willing to try it for longer if results are shown over a longer trial period. I took two wafers once per day, so if twice per day was recommended I would try that for a period too (once and twice per day dosage is mentioned on the packaging).”
    – Ashlee, 31

  • “Since taking RevitaliX I have had felt a lot calmer and more relaxed and my overall mood has improved. I have been able to manage stress better. I have not had any physical symptoms of anxiety and I am sleeping better. I have incorporated other strategies in my life as well as taking Revitalix I have been exercising more and doing guided meditation daily. Doing all these things has improved my wellbeing and I am feel happier and healthier. ”
    – Genie

  • “Overall I had quite a positive experience testing the entity health products. Over the six week trial I saw an improvement in my overall skin appearance, especially skin tone. I believe it also worked slightly with the appearance of acne scarring too. The bags under my eyes seemed to fade as well.

    Although I did find the consumption of the wafer quite an unpleasant experience. I really didn’t enjoy the taste, or having to absorb the wafer under my tongue, I would rather a tablet that you could swallow whole and thus you couldn’t really taste it either. I found that a bit of a hassle, additionally I found the timings of when you were supposed to consume it quite odd. As I think consuming it on an empty stomach may cause slight feelings of nausea.

    Other than that I would definitely recommend the product for those looking to improve the appearance of their overall skin. If those minor adjustments are fixed then I think it this product can go wide and far. Considering I was only on the trail for six weeks I would like to see the results I would have had if I was to consume the product longer.”
    – Jennifer

  • “I’ve been using Entity for about 6 weeks now and have noticed my face has a more youthful glow. My face is usually quite red and I think I suffer from rosacea (self diagnosed) and Entity hasn’t been the miracle cure I had hoped. However, I would say I can notice a more even tone to my skin’s colour. There’s also a plumpness and fullness to my skin, so I’m looking forward to continuing with this product for a few more months to see if the results continue to improve.

    I get a little eczema/dry skin around my eyes and again unfortunately I haven’t yet noticed an improvement. I read other reviews before starting the trial where people with much worse skin conditions than me had seen dramatic improvements. Mine are quite subtle so perhaps I was expecting too much. I do have sensitive skin and find it hard to find products that don’t react badly with my skin. This leads me to changing cleansers and moisturisers quite often, which I have done during the trial, due to outbreaks of sore redness and dry skin. In the last week I’ve started using Cetaphil and it seems to be agreeing with me so again I’m looking forward to seeing the results using Entity now I’ve found a skin routine which isn’t causing me dryness and soreness. In the last few days I have noticed my skin looking a little lighter in colour so fingers crossed this could be the right combination.

    My only real negative is I find the product delicate and difficult to take. I have no problem with the procedure or taste, but getting it out of the packet in one piece can be a struggle, so I have sometimes ended up not taking it the way you’re meant to, rather shoving it in my mouth broken hoping for the best.”
    – Freddy, 33

  • “As someone who has always had pride in my healthy skin, I started to worry about how the blotchiness I seemed to be getting as I got older, especially as now I am 40. Using LumeniX I found that I got that evenness back, my skin colour is brighter and now I feel confident to not have to wear foundation.

    Luminex really did give me back my porcelain skin from my 20s. Looking back at photos I can see how it has made such a big change even my makeup person asked me what I was doing between the time I had seen her. She said I would only need light coverage, which was a huge compliment from some that hides skin flaws for a living! I feel that I have that all over healthy look to my skin, without having to worry about spending time trying to create it with makeup, it is already done when I wake up.

    I would recommend this to anyone that wants to recreate evenness in their skin tone and reduce those annoying dark patches that come with age.”
    – Eve, 39

  • “I definitely have seen a difference in my skin since starting with LumeniX. My skin is brighter, looks more supple and younger and my pigmentation has also decreased significantly. The only down side I found was the packaging in taking the tablets out of the packaging a lot of the time it was difficult to do so and would break apart. The taste also wasn’t amazing but they are seriously only tiny issues! I have seen a significant change in my skin and my goodness… my skin looks so bright! I would highly recommend this product! ”
    – Dilara

  • “LumeniX Changed My Life. I have always had pigmentation and uneven skin tone. I was the person who would put on makeup even to go down to the local shops. I was always trying different skin whitening products from creams to masks, and always looking for something to even out my skin tone and get rid of the pigmentation. Just as I was giving up, I found LumeniX Wafers and decided to give them a try.
    Well, all I can say is I have never been happier. Firstly, using the wafers was so easy. The wafer dissolved easily and quickly in my mouth and surprisingly there was no bad taste left. Being a wafer meant I could carry them in my bag and be able to take them wherever I was easily. Secondly, my skin has never looked better. The pigmentation has definitely lightened, I have a more even skin tone, and my skin looks healthier and brighter.
    Thank you LumeniX. I’m now happier with my appearance, and I don’t put makeup on to go down to the shops. When I do put on makeup, I don’t need to wear heavy foundation like I used to. Now, not only am I’m happier, but I feel more confident. LumeniX is definitely something I would recommend and something I will continue to use. Well done LumeniX! ”
    – Olga

  • “I was initially sceptical about the MetaboliX that my daughter gave me as I was not suffering from any health issues and didn’t feel the need to take any supplements. However, just to humour her, I agreed to give it a try. I didn’t feel any difference at first, but after two weeks, I actually felt much more alert and energised overall. ”
    – Roland T, 76

  • “I tried MetaboliX on the recommendation of my daughter. Luckily I don’t suffer from chronic pain but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to feel my energy levels declining, especially on the weekday afternoons. Soon after including MetaboliX into my morning ritual, I no longer have any midday lull! It keeps me going throughout my busy day.”
    – Jenny L, 60

  • “I suffered from mild osteoarthritis in my feet, giving me pains when I used to walk for too long. Eventually, it got so bad that I had to give up golf and other sports. After taking MetaboliX Plus, I noticed that the pain started to lessen gradually within 3-5 days. Needless to say, I’m back to my active lifestyle! Thanks Entity!”
    – William C, 60

  • “So my friend barely drinks alcohol because it makes her turn very red and become nauseous. Her normal limit is less than half a glass of champagne. So she tried 2 LiviUp pills and was able to have 1 full drink. Her Asian glow was very mild after the drink and she did not feel any nausea.”
    – Shujun K, 28

  • “LiviUp has been really helpful with my hangovers. It allows me to enjoy nights of heavy drinking without having to dread the hangovers the following day. My friends find it effective too!”
    – Cindy C, 26

  • “There are many skin whitening products on the market. However I was convinced the moment I saw Entity LumeniX. LumeniX is delivered with a very unique sublingual technology. I experienced for myself the LumeniX wafer dissolving and being absorbed into my body within less than 20 seconds. Glutathione has unique anti-oxidative and detoxifying effects. While whitening my skin, it also helps to regulate my body function. It really is a 2-in-1 multitasker.

    – Shirley T, 45

  • “LumeniX was recommended by my girlfriend. I have neurodermatitis. When I am stressed, I get skin rashes on my elbow and ankle that are so itchy that I can’t stop scratching. One of my girlfriend’s colleagues who has eczema managed to clear her eczema within hours after taking LumeniX, so my girlfriend asked me to try. It was very easy to use and the wafer disappeared in my mouth within a minute. No bad taste. Most importantly, after taking LumeniX, my skin rashes was much improved and I didn’t feel itchy anymore… It’s really a good product which has enhanced my quality of life.

    LumeniX 是我女朋友推荐给我的。我有神经性皮炎,当我精神压力大的时候,我的肘关节和脚踝处会出现红疹,并且非常痒,我会止不住得挠它… 我女朋友看到她的一个同事的湿疹在服用LumeniX几个小时之后就消失了,所以也让我去试一试。使用方法非常简单,圆片在我口中不用一分钟就完全溶解,也没有难吃的味道。最重要的是,使用LumeniX之后,我皮肤上的红疹真的变淡变少了很多,而且也不会再痒了。这款产品真的在帮助我提高我生活质量。”
    – Eason H, 24

  • “I have dry skin condition due to diabetes and after taking Lumenix for about 4 weeks I experience smooth and soft texture. My face is more radiant and fairer. Skin pigmentation has also lightened. I also have patches of dry skin on my thumb which became rough, itchy, flaky and cracked. But after taking Lumenix for 3 months I do not have this problem and the skin texture is soft and smooth. Thanks to Lumenix for the antioxidant ingredient glutathione which promotes the skin’s ability to maintain its best elasticity, texture and tone.”
    – Eileen L, 55


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